What is the emergency app?

The "SafeZone" emergency app is an app for smartphones (iOS, Windows Phone and Android) provided by CriticalArc.

What advantages does the app offer?

In emergencies, you will be notified that an incident has occurred and be informed whether your current area is affected. If yes, you can "check in" to confirm your location to the Office for Safety, Security and Environment and receive information about emergency procedures. When the emergency situation is over, you will be informed accordingly. Moreover, you can use the app to raise an emergency alarm or call for an ambulance, or even to simply reach the Service Center when technical problems arise – the app will connect you directly with the unit responsible for your current location.

Who is the emergency app for?

The emergency app is intended for all members of the UZH community (students and staff), as well as visitors to UZH campuses and buildings.

Is installation of the emergency app compulsory for members of UZH community?

Installation and use of the emergency app is voluntary and free of charge for UZH staff, students, and visitors. The app is a product from a third-party provider.

Why is an emergency app necessary?

The emergency app has been evaluated and introduced by the Office for Safety, Security and Environment because it has long been virtually impossible to swiftly alert UZH staff, students and visitors over a wide area, while also providing location-specific information. This is a pressing issue considering the large number of UZH buildings distributed through the Zurich greater area and the increasing number of staff and students. The safety of the UZH community is paramount to us, which is why we decided to introduce the app.