Information for Researchers

Status: 20 March 2020, 5:00 p.m.

Only Exceptional Research On-Site

The University of Zurich began operating on a skeleton staff starting on 17 March 2020. As a result, only people who are overseeing crucial research systems and experiments may stay in the university’s buildings. During the skeleton operations phase, UZH employees may only work on ecxeptional research projects requiring on-site presence and on-site resources.

1. Research operations shut down with few exceptions

UZH is completely shutting down all research operations requiring on-site presence and on-site resources with only a few exceptions that require prior authorization.

2. Approval for exceptional projects

Formal approval is required for a research project to qualify as exceptional. This approval will be issued to projects meeting specific criteria. The responsible decision-making body is under the leadership of the Vice President Research.
Criteria and procedure for approval

3. Permission for entering workplaces

UZH staff may only enter their workplaces with written non-transferable permission from the Executive Board. Anyone who is part of an exceptional research project will receive the authorization needed to enter UZH buildings.

4. Access to libraries

Libraries will not be accessible, with the exception of select members of the library staff. Researchers should use the electronic collections. Physical documents can be sent to you free of charge if you place an online order.
Information of the UZH libraries

5. Resources from support organizations

Research projects that have officially received exceptional status must check with the organizations that they rely on (support organizations such as LASC, technology platforms or other services) in order to ensure that these organizations can still continue to provide the necessary resources and services during the coronavirus pandemic (e.g. they could have insufficient supplies or a lack of materials). This is the responsibility of the research project leader.

6. Invalidation of approval

If an exceptional research project must be halted due to the inability of a support organization to continue providing the necessary resources and services, the exceptional status of the project becomes invalid, and employees who are involved lose their right to enter UZH premises.

7. Projects outside of UZH premises

Exceptional research projects that are conducted in Switzerland outside of UZH premises (e.g. field research and critical long-term measurements) are also subject to authorization and can be applied for in the same way.

8. Research on Corona

Exceptional research projects that contribute to our understanding of the coronavirus will be approved and given the highest priority.

9. Conducting research remotely

All research that can be conducted remotely will continue as usual.

10. Research in the university hospitals

Due to the special situation, the deans of the Vetsuisse Faculty and the Faculty of Medicine will decide, in consultation with the hospitals, what constitutes minimal research operations in the university hospitals. This is to avoid conflicts between research activities and operations for the welfare of humans and animals. Dual institutes shall follow the guidelines of the leading faculty.