Exceptional Research Projects

Criteria for Exceptional Research Projects

There are three main groups of criteria that qualify a research project as exceptional important and therefore permit its continuation:

  1. The research project makes an significant contribution to combatting the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (see clarification below).
  2. The interruption to a long-term series of tests would entail unacceptable losses (see clarification below)..
  3. The research involves collecting long-term measurements or the upkeep of a series of long-term measurements outside of the University, insofar as researchers still have the necessary access.

Significant contribution to combatting the pandemic

The following criteria will be used to evaluate whether a research project makes an important contribution to overcoming the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic:

  • Limiting the spread of the coronavirus
  • Combatting the health consequences of infection
  • Protection against coronavirus infection
  • Measures for containing the spread of the coronavirus
  • Prevention of irreversible damage brought on by the pandemic
  • Tracing the origins, spread and future development of the virus
  • Developing preventive measures as well as new measures for the future

Interruption would entail unacceptable losses

For approval for the continuation of long-term experiments, in particular animal experiments, the various consequences of continuing and discontinuing the studies will be weighed up to evaluate cases of hardship. Depending on the circumstances, a panel of experts may be consulted for evaluation. Important criteria are:

  • Ensuring that samples can be prepared and stored at the defined measurement intervals
  • Animal welfare
  • The time period required to obtain all planned samples is at least three times shorter than the time required to restart and perform the test series again.
  • The timespan between starting a new series of tests and being able to collect measurements

Important note

In case you foresee that the analysis of already existing samples or their preparation for long-term storage can not be delayed but can not be completed before March 25th, contact immediately Thomas Trüb, responsible for triage of application, either by phone or email.

Procedure for Authorization

Applications for Exceptional Research Project must be submitted by email in the format provided (form (DOCX, 52 KB)) to the triage team in the Office of the Vice President for Research (exceptional@research.uzh.ch). The triage team is headed by Thomas Trüb, Head Strategic Research Platforms (thomas.trueb@uzh.ch; +41 44 635 41 31).

Applications absolutely must include:

  • Description of and justification for the research project
  • Time required to achieve the objectives
  • Required staff resources from own team (names, time required)
  • Necessary third-party resources and dependencies (e.g. LASC, technology platforms)
  • Approval from department/institute head

Applications will then be evaluated by a small committee. Each review will involve the participation of the Department of Research Development, two deans or vice deans and the aforementioned triage team.

The triage team is responsible for communicating the decision. No appeals can be made.