Information for Staff

Skeleton Staff

Switzerland, and with it the University of Zurich, is faced with an extraordinary situation. To protect the members of UZH, the university will start to operate on a skeleton staff from 17 March 2020 onwards. This decision includes the following:

In principle, employees must work from home

  • In principle, members of UZH must now work from home. Teaching staff who want to make their courses available as podcasts etc. may come to UZH to do so.
  • Line managers should decide which tasks must continue to be performed on-site.
  • Line managers are advised to be accommodating in assessing how their employees’ work rate can be maintained without their on-site presence as far as possible. Tools for this include working from home, on-call service and paid leave. In cases where the technological requirements for working from home are not yet in place, line managers and their employees should sort out how these requirements can be introduced. Human Resources and the Professorships Department will prepare the relevant fact sheets.

The buildings of the University of Zurich will remain closed until further notice

The buildings of the University of Zurich will remain closed from Friday, 20 March, 6.00 pm until further notice. Access will only be possible for authorized staff (e.g. with a key badge or entry controls) if this is absolutely necessary. All other people must work from home.

Handling protective material with great care

UZH must handle the available protective material (e.g. masks, safety goggles and protective clothing) with great care. These items will be allocated centrally according to the following list of priorities: Human medicine, veterinary medicine, animal care, and research. 

Dies academicus will not be held as a public event

The Dies academicus of 25 April 2020 will not be held as a public event. Individual recordings will be edited into a single video, which will be published on UZH’s website on 25 April.  

Senate meeting of 11 May will not be staged as a plenary meeting

The Senate meeting of 11 May will not be staged as a plenary meeting of the professors and delegates of the representative bodies of UZH. Legal clarifications are currently underway as to how the process for nominating the new president can be completed using remote methods.
The remaining hearings of the faculties and the representative bodies for the election of the new president will be held as remote events.
Hearing for UZH Representative Bodies, 25 March 2020

The following measures remain the same:

Strictly adhere to the protective measured issued by the authorities

Please strictly adhere to the protective measures issued by the authorities, e.g. keeping enough distance to those around you in the office, to reduce the risk of infection.
FOPH: Federal government measures
FOPH: Protect yourself and others
FOPH: Information for people at especially high risk

Cafeterias besides Irchel Seerose currently closed

All cafeterias besides Irchel Seerose are currently closed. The zfv team on Irchel Campus wants to meet the catering needs of the organizational units/key staff who have to be on-site during skeleton operations as best they can. Further Information:
UZH Cafeterias

Work-related travel abroad are no longer permitted

Work-related travel abroad on behalf of UZH is no longer permitted effective immediately. Exceptions for cases where this is unavoidable are possible, but require the approval of the relevant dean or member of the Executive Board of the University. We recommend that all members of UZH who are planning to go abroad for an internship or a research stay cancel their arrangements for the time being.