Information for Teaching Staff

UZH operating on skeleton staff

As of 17 March 2020, the University of Zurich is operating on skeleton staff. Before, the Executive Board of the University has already decided to switch all courses to a distance-learning format from Monday, 16 March 2020 onwards until further notice.
Our goal remains the same: To enable students to access the course content and to support them in dealing with the course content and in completing the relevant assessments.

We would like to ask you for your cooperation with the following:

1. Make courses available in a digital format

The Executive Board of the University urges you once more to make your courses available in a digital format as quickly as possible. Please follow the recommendations for digital teaching: Digital Teaching

2. Chose appropriate methods and means of digital teaching

It is up to you and your expert judgment which methods and means of digital teaching are best suited to the content of your course and your students’ participation. We will support you in finding the right solutions, if required.

3. Inform your students as soon as possible about your digital teaching

The students have also already been informed of our decision and the fact that the transition to digital teaching formats will take some time. Nevertheless, we would like you to inform your students as soon as possible about where and how they can access the learning materials.

4. Window for cancellations

In addition, the Executive Board of the University has decided to introduce a window for cancellations in the current semester (likely in the first two weeks of May). This will enable students to withdraw from a course/module and thus not have to complete the relevant exams/assessments should they feel unable to do so due to the extraordinary circumstances.

5. Inform students about exam content and/or assessment requirements in good time

Although we cannot predict how the situation will develop, we would like you to define the exam content and/or assessment requirements in writing and inform the students in good time before the window for cancellations opens. This will enable students to make a well-informed decision.

6. Access to libraries with key or staff card

Starting from Friday, 20 March 6 p.m. the university’s libraries will be closed. Teaching staff can still access their libraries with a key or staff card. Please note that access via staff card may need to be requested (contact the library).
Corona Crisis – Services fo the UZH Libraries

7. Support structure suited to faculties are being built

The dean’s offices are aiming to build up a support structure suited to the relevant faculties to provide you with direct assistance.

8. Work-related travel abroad is no longer permitted

Work-related travel abroad on behalf of UZH is no longer permitted effective immediately. Exceptions for cases where this is unavoidable are possible, but require the approval of the relevant dean or member of the Executive Board of the University. We recommend that all members of UZH who are planning to go abroad for an internship or a research stay cancel their arrangements for the time being.

We are aware of the severity of these extreme measures and can understand what they mean for you and all of our students. But this extraordinary situation requires extreme measures.

We greatly appreciate your dedication and would like to thank you again for your cooperation and your extraordinary commitment.

Further notes

  • In principle, members of UZH must now work from home. Teaching staff who want to make their courses available as podcasts etc. may come to UZH to do so.
  • If you have opted for videoconferencing/live streaming: Please stick to your regular course dates/times wherever possible. This will ensure that the students’ schedules will not change.